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Does your Web-site closely relate to in either content or theme? Do you feel that your Website can offer visitors to a valued business resource? If so, then we'd love to partner with you by exchanging links.

It's a fact, reciprocal links can make any site easier to find in search engines (SE.) You ask why? Simple. They pack in more value and become more important in the eyes of the SE. Reciprocal links relating to the same theme are often valued more highly than one-way links. But it is extremely important that the Web-sites relate in either content or theme. Just consider the people who visit those sites. Keep it real.

To be included in our resources section your site must:

1. Have at least PR2 and less than 30 outgoing links from the page that you intend to link to us. (if your resources page does not fit the above criteria and you really want our link, then consider giving us an internal link - use one of our articles for additional content and use resource box at the end of the article OR link to us from another relevant page with at least PR2).

2. Link only to relevant websites. We do NOT exchange links with sites who link to non-relevant sites (meaning you are doing link exchange with everyone).

ONLY if your site fits above criteria, continue with your suggestion.

If you would like to partner with by listing your site in our resource directory, please:

1. Copy and paste the exact code below into YOUR Web-site's "links/resource" page or directory (which must be accessible via your home page).

We can NOT accept links added to an orphan page or an irrelevant site that is not even yours. Play it fair or waste your time.

2. Once you link to us, fill out the form below and we will review your site and description for possible inclusion in our resource directory. If we feel that your site relates and provides value to the users of, we will happily add your site to our resource directory within a few days, if not sooner.

PLEASE NOTE: You must first place a link on your website back to our site before submitting your information above, or you will receive an error. We also ask that you have a link on your website's main page that points to your "links page/directory." All website submissions are reviewed manually before being added to our resource directory.

Here's the code to URL, title and description:

This is how it will look like:

LED light easy find is fun - LED light application reviews including flashlight, light therapy, strobes, home and rope lighting, Christmas light. We select good, interesting, practical or really cool LED lighted items.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.
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We will get back to you within a few days if not sooner; Or
Simply just establish the link requested. -- It's that easy.

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