Xmas Tips - Upside down Christmas tree

Put upside down Christmas tree decoration close to the stuff you want to highlight.

 artificial upside down Xmas tree decoration

Display lights and ornaments in full size artificial upside down tree...

...or in small-giant Xmas "pinecones."

Upside downs trees are great to decorate with light, because they don't obscure internal views. (Your creation can be seen from any agle...) When you hang them from the ceiling upside down trees should not be too large - I call them small-giant pinecone size.


upside down small-giant Xmas pineconeFLASHpoints
Upside down Christmas trees are…

    •  most who try say - good conversation starters
    •  Kiddy friendly. (and cat friendly in your home      office…)

Upside down Xmas tree tip#1
The giant-small picencone

If you have some reservations about hanging Xmas trees upside down, think of them as giant pinecones - and use them small.

Recently, folks began talking about an obscure Eastern European tradition hanging whole real trees (although sufficiently small) from the ceiling. This is according to the Christmas Archives. But some say that the real meaning for a Xmas tree - commercial or not - is to symbolise eternal life. Pinecones point to the ground, as they are ripe to fall to recirculate life.


Upside down Xmas tree tip #2
Ornaments and lights...

A good example if you showcase beautiful ornaments or glass artefacts. Hey, you might want to put on show your Xmas lights...(Some even use a whole upside down artificial tree with short needles. But this just might be a little too far off for you. You decide…)


Upside down Christmas tree tip #3
The magic of a tree with real CO(o:)LOR...

See, have to admit: - There are times when I find that the idea of a real tree (properly standing on its feet :) suits the spirit of Xmas much more… For color and fun use a maple tree with broadly spaced monochrome (white or silver) or multi colored lights. Looking for a picture to show this...



For best display, use widely spaced branches with short needles. This will give the best possible presentation.

StirCRAZY Tips...

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Lighting QUICKTips

Of course, you can still apply any other light applications (normal ropes, Xmas ropes, LED ropes. All kinds of LED lights, and any string, mini, what not) to your real tree or fiber optic Christmas tree creation be it commercial Christmas light or a take home kinda stuff.

Led Xmas Lights

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Commercial Xmas Light Tips
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Fiber Optic Xmas Tree
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Tree QUICKTips (Soon...)

Live Xmas Tree
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