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scan led strobe light
See this strobe party light effect? - of course this cannot happen at all - and that is why you can see it -- Intrigued, ha? This could only be happening if the solid metallic or plastic consol was fully - and I mean fully - transparent.

Read on to find out the WHY...
But we'll also touch on other party strobe lighting effects including the I -might- love you strobe, LED rope strobing and video strobing for the professional stage.

What you is see the amazing effect of writing in thin air. A message or a sign appears hanging in mid air with no apparent reason. Actually, there are no ligths there only a little trick involved. And you'll promptly forget about silly questions like "plain LED light or strobe party light to bring?" … He-he, pathetic really ...

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scan LED strobe lightOfficially and as of today, leeds the pack. Many have a simple 'light-talk' in the air, but here it is even scannable. (Couldn't find this stuff at other folks I love.)

Can you see fun-led in action? When it comes to fun ligths there is little doubt that led lights are making quite a sweep.

Depending of what type of strobe light effect you want to consider you are quite likely to find a matching led device. The difference is that led lights reach full glow in much shorter a time than any other spotlights.

Writing in the air
Old fashined NEW again
Strobing flash lights
Strobing LED ropes
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Warning! Use powerful strobe lights responsibly. In susceptible people (those who are prone to it) they could trigger epileptic seizures.

Old fashioned NEW again...

You can put led to old use too, because there is such a thing as using crazy LED light for Disco light too.

So if you ask the same question - just led light or strobe party light before you really want to please disco folks? I'd say for special effects, use LED disco lights in combo with other LED light enabled strobe and stage lighting effects.

Not to mention that some mean strobe party light trick (like the I -might- LOVE YOU message) you can only have with a special LED strobe.

Strobing LED Ropes

And of course the newest rage in many ways are strobing LED ropes. Google them up this way.

That pretty much covers the strobe party lights currently in vogue.

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