LED Science book list. Plus, some instructional and fun video clips 

Selected titles Are on LED, Laser and the LED light market place

A good science book about LED light uses accesible language - find my list of titles. Plus, some of the instructional or fun clips I like.

(This is also the section where I index featured clips on the site and my own little video snippets.)

Now, which book you would actually find accessible will depend on your interest and level of technical knowlege. (Mine can always do with upgrades in those areas, but I don't like books that use overwhelming and obscure language.) So one author clearly stands out for me: Shuji Nakamura and his unique take on LED lights.

And the marketing analysis is particularly interesting as the field of LED light is ever-growing. For istance I've found out that LED market uptake is projected to grow from a low basis about 10% a year.

Find my featured science book list below.

Now, video clips can both instruct and inspire in a much shorter space of time than any given text.

Video clip shows how easy it is
to make those fun LED throwies.

I think this short instructional video on throwies is much better than the original piece was (by Graffiti Research Lab I believe.) This one is more to the point, more personal and very illustrative.

Featured About LED and Laser.

My LED Science Book List

  • NAKAMURA, Shuji - Inventor of the bright blue LED. Many credit him as the father of the bright LED shift. His discovery of the brightest Blue LED is an ispiring story.

  • SCHUBERT, E. Fred. Light-Emitting Diodes. This is a most sought-after book and very popular among visitors who seek background information.


For good market science on LED
I recommend the 2001-2012 World Outlook by Philip M Parker. You may find it quite thought-provoking. But it will be interesting to see what really transpires.

For getting the low down on LED right from the horses mouth, read Shuji Nakamura's The Blue Laser Diode. He is the one behind this whole bright blue LED and laser revolution - it all started with his grace under pressure -- scientific discovery and diy yourself brilliance.

If you are looking for something on Amazon.com, that is not in the list, click on one of the books below and you'll go to a new screen where you can search for anything at Amazon.com.


  • KIM, Jungsang (et al) Nonclassical light from semiconductor lasers and LEDs.

  • LI, Zhigang (et al) Oranic light emitting materials and devices (Optical Science and Engineering Series) 

  • ZUKAUSKAS, Arturas (et al) Inroduction to solid state lighting.


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Find inspirational videos on these pages. More to come ...

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