Rechargeable Mag Lite - origins,
fit of parts and a LED upgrade caveat

The rechargeable Mag lite Flashlight System is popular yet LED upgrade is few and far between. I investigate the problem and offer a solution.

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Here is a rechargeable flashlight that even many MAG enthusiasts just don't know enough about: The exact name is a bit complicated and as you see complicated is the main calling word in this review. It is the Mag Charger Rechargeable Flashlight System. 

It appears that the along with the Solitaire, the Mag rechargeable (reviewed on this page) is not a prime focus for Mag.

Rechargeable Mag: The origins

The first dedicated rechargable flashlight came out some time ago. It was in the late 1980s. And it was the instantly popular Magcharger.

Since Mag Lites were already well loved there was a great anticipation. And there were some tough competitors to beat.

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LED upgrade problem
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Before the launch there were already two established brand in the rechargable class: you could have either Streamlight and a lesser known brand called Pro-Light. But with the Magcharger Mag has been firmly on the rechargeable flashlight market ever since.

However, they are not quick adopting to LED and that could be due to the complicated fit of this class into the mainstream Mag line.

Parts of the rechargeable Maglite system

They consist of too many parts and the problem with LED that they themselves are quite unpredictable. So the many parts increase the likelyhood of uncertainty of success. My personal hunch is that Mag itself could release an upgrade right now, but it could be prone to problems due to the fit of its structure into the NEW world of LED requirements.

Being slow to upgrade this class might also be a problem more ralated to function than parts.
Self charging LED flash lights are becoming ever so popular. And now Mag have a problem on its hand wether to upgrade the rechargeable - complicated in itself - or invest into developing a yet new line.

Mag rechargeable: the LED upgrade

There is a possibility as well as a problem with converting the mag light rechargable to LED.

Not surprisingly, currently there is only third party conversion available.

And that is the 3 Watt Luxeon LED conversion available from zbattery for your Mag rechargeable. But as most third party upgrades it will void your original Mag warranty.

There are LED upgrades though that will not void your warranty ...

... Only it is - sadly - not for the rechargeable Mag lite yet.

LED upgrade of course is an important issue for Mag enthusiasts and sympathisers alike.
I found ones that will not void your warranty and I review them as well as upgrades to all other Mag classes here.

Trademark Note: All Mag brands and their derivatives are trademarks and the property of the respective owners.


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