Quik Brite LED Task Light

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Quik Brite LED lights are task lights where and when you need them. They are one of the leading brands of this new non-bulb based home lighting shift.

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Quik and Brite QuickPoints

Quik 'n Brite (As seen on TV)
- best to buy it in a pack for discount, and because you'll need them...
- installs everywhere - in the trunk, in the glovebox, in the drawer, cupboards and cabinets -- in and under
- power black-out? - No problem
- installes cleanly, no need for screws or nails and power tools in those awkward places you can't reach.
- light sensor activated - no need for external on-off switch -- turns on when you open a dark spot, like a drawer...

Swivel spot
- adjustable lens adjusts beam between 30-60 degrees of angle -- use narrow angle as spot and wide angle as flood light -- but DON't expect it to be a too bright spot. For that use these bright LED spotlights.
- adjustable direction of light -- adjusts to your changing under-cabinet workplace needs or spot a decorative nook

AG13 long life - comes included with product

Adhesive strips - comes included, enough for fixing

Quik Brite LED Lights- Set of 8 with Bonus Swivel Spots

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TIP! Quik and Brite Idea

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Don't forget replacement batteries -- get large enough pack, these task lights can go anywhere!

(To get batteries for Qiuk Brite type AG13 in the search box next)

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