Pak Lite - a Tough little Cap-top LED Flashlight

Pak lite focusses. It delivers to a niche. And it has a winning kit. So it introduced an endless variety to it. Nothing wrong with that.

pak lite with original white LED -- thumb
Isn't this what a true niche product is all about?
A bright 15-year-old investigated a problem and came out with an ingenious solution.

Problem #1: Flashlights are "unbearably" heavy. And LEDs are super-bright.
Problem #2: The space in a back pack is limited. When you carry a card instead of a wallet, and a cellphone instead of a "brick" you want to downsize on your flashlight too. Pak lite is small. And that is good. Unless it is ever a problem of it being too small.
Problem #3: AA alkalines don't last too long. So choose a 9 volt battery. What could simpler.

Put that all together in the mind of a talented and focussed teen (that's an oximoron right?) and you get Paklite!

What to look out for.

Paklite folks sell clever. Check out one of their testing method here
First up, interesting way to test. "45 days flashing in a chunk of ice." This is nice, but don't be overly impressed. Ice is cool, but so is LED, especially in flashing mode. There is no lense involved with LEDs, they are indestructuble chips encased in very tough resin. Moreover in flashing mode, your LED drains practically no power. And one last bit. Note that the battery was lithium, not alkaline. A big difference.

On the plus side

Rated well for basic brightness by for night time trail use.

They throw their light fairly far. Convincingly field tested.

Inventor Ben Henry was only 15 when invented the concept?

The very first prototype used a single LED. Then came a double white LED throwing a longer beam. And with the super bright LED technology of today it throws even longer beam. For a littel extra buy it with the lithium accessory to get about double the battery lifetime. On the original site you'll find that under the accessories tab.

But check out other dealers too, they may have better prices.
And in term of size, compare with the similar concept heavy duty Eternalights on this separate page.

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