Neon Rope (Or LED Neon) Light
Some Fixing and Installation Tips

A neon rope light has brighter more intense light then your old neon light. Use various colors EVEN color changing. Install with mounting tracks, or clips-fix if you bent it to shape. Go thru these points when planning for a job - you will find it helpful.  Most common questions answered.

Neon ropes here are used for LED neons to reflect how they are regularly used. Also called flex neon by some distributors.

Other times the term neon rope is used to describe rope lights in a clear or diffused encasement.





Voltage, Heat Output, Brightness, Color, Encasement


Typical Q & A
I want to switch from my old rope, but will I save? >>
I want to light up signs with a U shape (channel) profile >>

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Usually available in a high voltage (line voltage) variety.

Heat Output
Designed to give off significantly less, almost negligible heat, especially compared to your old neon light.

Though light characteristics are designed to mimic conventional neon the brightness you will get is more crisp and intense. And of course you can not discern quantums of LED light patches.

It goes without saying, various colors should be available to any good retailer or distributor. A color changing LED neon light is also possible if fitted with RGB (tricolor) LED units.

The tube itself in not glass. Instead, it is made of durable, flexible and weather-proof plastic.

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Rope Light Suitability, Fixing And Operation Tips (many
applies to Neon rope lights too) 

The good news is that installing should be a breeze compared to conventional neons. You will NOT need a specialist.

Where to use it
You should be able to use it both indoors and outdoors. No extra armature is needed for water resistance.

The cutting length of a LED neon rope light is NOT arbitrary. ALWAYS count to cutting size.
Typical cutting length depends on voltage. The low voltage version can usually be cut in 3" or 4" (inch) sections. Cutting units for high voltage LED neon are typically 1.5 ' or 2.5 ' (foot.) These dimensions are good for planning, especially for lighting up large letter signs.
Before executing the job, check exact sizes on the propriatory Manual that came with your product.

Shaping and Fixing
Place in linear position (without bending) using a straight mounting track. If you needed to bend the neon rope to a desired shape, fix it with mounting clips.

Surface it installs on
LED neon rope lights install on all kinds of surfaces. This includes EVEN timber, the material you want to carefully avoid with old neon lights. Reason? Heat output is no longer a problem.

Mounting tracks, mounting clips.

Want color changing? Possible, but you need a controller that will drive changes, mixes or washes, or whatever your heart desire.

I review selecting, fixing and operating rope lights here.

And Ledneonlight has very good information on LED neon rope lights.
Official site

Typical Questions Answered

Q. Do LED neon rope lights use less energy then my old neon light? How much can I save?

A. It will consume roughly one third of your old neon glass. So you will end up saving - about 70% on energy costs.

I review other energy efficient lights here.

Q. I want to illuminate existing signs with a U shape section, can I use these neon rope lights?

A. First, I assume these are transparent or at least translucent signs, such as large letters. You can light up those if the U shape (called channel) have a wide enough web (this is the bottom of the channel when you look inside.) However, if you want to light up a narrow channel sign, LED neon ropes will be a little tedious to use as the bending radius is about 4cm min. Use instead LED channel lights.

Or you can even have a chasing pattern - a hypnotic customer magnet - if you use LED rope lights of course.

Find answers to other commonly asked questions in my LED Faq.

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