Long Life Light Bulbs vs LED

Ordinary long life light bulbs last around 1,500 hours. A standard light bulb with 700 hours lasts half as long. LED light bulbs estimated to last between 50,000-100,000 hours.

Conventional long life light bulbs

These have multiple filaments. So if one burns out or is chocked and broken, there are few more there to take its place. Also, they are filled with krypton gas instead of argon.They usually come in 150, 135, 100, 75 Watt versions. The bulb (or globe) can be frosted or can have a silicone coating which makes it less likely to break.

Compact fluorescent
LED bulbs
LED color vs lifetime
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As to their life time, some are said to last even 2,000-3,000 hours. I'de be cautious and err on the safe side with my expectations. For the price you might pay for them (obviously cost more then incandescents) if they'll last 1,500 is good already.

LEDs are widely considered to be unbeatable in the lifetime department, but they are not the type of lights we usually think as "long life light bulbs." Plus I don't want to be accused of being unfair to other type of lights that already have a proven track record.

New types other than LED

Compact fluorescents lights (CFL) and halogen lights

You should expect a much longer life from halogen low voltage lights (12 Volt) and high voltage compact fluorescent ligh bulbs (120-220 Volt - in some countries 240V.) Actually...


... I often find compact fuorescent light bulbs (even lamps) being advertised as long life light bulbs. Some last 10,000 hours - some don't. They are also known to be sensitive to grease deposit from you fingers. (A lesser known fact.) This will certainly cut its life short.


Before the recent appearance of long life fluorescent lights, your best chance to get to long life lighting were halogen light bulbs. They are built so as to last longer than the conventional incandesect light bulb.

However, operating temperatures and manufacturing faults limit the life of halogen bulbs. And they burn out without warning - often much earlier than you expect them.

Not to mention that they are incredibly sensitive to the slightest (and I do mean the slightest) grease deposit from you fingers, so they need to be handled very carefully.

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LED light bulbs and long life

When you add the brightness factor, light bulbs that are blanket advertised as long life light bulbs pale in comparison with LED light bulbs.

Another beauty of LEDs here is that don't burn out without warning.
Did you have to change that tiny led (you know - the green or red thingy that gives off that soft glow and sometimes blinks) on your computer? Bright leds are replacing our old " bulbs and co. " lights and they are no different. Sure enough most led light reviews confirm that on average there is no need to replace them for about 6 years and up to 11 years.

This means that if a bright LED is properly fixed and run (no abuse, no huge power surges) and is without manufacturing faults, it could be switched on for 11 years non-stop.

So what's the secret for LEDs long life?

The secret of LEDs long life lie in their sturdy construction. What's more, the way each tiny unit is built makes them ideal for all kinds of wear and tear.

Of course, if you run it from a battery, then the limit is the battery lifetime. Still, a LED light running from a near dying battery won't fade. They will just drain less power, but give the same soft ambient light.

Long life versus color in LEDs

Most current white LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours, about 50 times as long as a 60-watt bulb. That's almost six years full on.

Very often, a LED lasts depending on the color you choose. (Based on current product indicators I would count 100,000 hours for red and yellow colors. And for green, blue and white count half as much to be safe - use the 50,000-hour mark.)

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