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Light therapy energizes you when the winter blues hits. LED light eases joint and muscle pain and helps with skin problems. These are the best LED, halogen and fluorescent therapies I found ...

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Watch Golite footage on CNN on Winter blues and Apollo Golite
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The Therapeutic light package picks above and below show products I prefer.

This Dynaflex Power Ball started out as Manual Power about a year ago. One day we've got an email from the inventor if we wanted to review a free sample. We very much wanted, indeed ...

a motivational self-powered LED product that is both fun-seeking and therapeutic

Whether it is a Dynaflex, NatureBright, Apollo Golite, Lumen, Bioptron or Sunrise Systems -- you find various light therapy models from these popular brands that recieved the best reviews.

Bioptron polarised halogen light therapy portable handheld

I am holding our trusted Bioptron handheld. It is best stored in the safe box shown and comes with a very good and clear manual. It is a precise and well-designed Swiss product.
We use it for speeding up skin scar tissue healing.

After a little persuasion and now that they tried, our best friends occasionally borrow it too.

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Some of the other more unique products include:

  • NatureBright PER3 dawn simulation and light box combo for SAD

  • Light Therapy Lumen (most owners just call "Lumen") Photon Infrared Therapy for pain relief. Reviewers tested for hands and wrist arthritis and recovery from bone bruising.

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reviews with a bit more detail

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Motivational LED light In Rehabilitative Resistance Ball

The idea of the Manual Power, now branded as Powerball is as captivating as it is simple. The motivation to keep going strong is coming from the brightness of the LED which gets stronger as the ball is spinning faster.
Its top speed is an unbelievable 16,000 rotation per minute. And for serious sports enthusiasts it can generate up tp 40lbs on the hands and arms.

It takes your wrist through the natural motion sequences while fluidly adding resistance as you build up your grip stronger and stronger.

Excercise your finger, wrist forearm all the way up to the shoulder and down to the hip with a simple giro motion. The poweful and fluid giro motion will help in gentle rehabilitation of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), repetitive strain injury (RSI) arthritis, tendonitis,  or This will help soften tennis, golf elbow and steel that golf grip.

Light Therapy for SAD

As a light box you may want to use Apollo Golite M2 that has the groundbraking LED BluWave technology. It was researched and developed by the same company who distributes them.
But chose the NatureBright SunTouch if you are too sensitive to bright blue LEDs.

NatureBright PER3 is a versatile light therapy combining dawn simulation with the light box funcion. And the design is very flexible making it very adjustable to your daily needs.

NatureBright and Sunrise Systems also offers dawn simulation devices with LED light. But if you like your existing bedside lamp and just want to plug in new funcions you can do that too. They offer the necessary 'go-between' package.

For therapy with polarised halogen light to help heal skin scar tissue I personally recommend the Swiss Bioptron product. I have this for a long time now and we use it in the family, and occasionally, friends too. ;-)
(If you want to use if for a smaller child or your hands are not that steady anymore, buy the one with a stand, so it is not too difficult to hold.)

Per LED color and Use

In terms of function and light usage, among others the following portable devices are availiable.

Bright blue or white LED or white compact fluorescent light

  • Light Boxes
  • Dawn Simulators

Polarized yellow (or multi-color) halogen light

  • Skin scar tissue therapy
  • Color therapy (also called chromotherapy)

Both Blue and Red LED

  • Other Skin Therapy with LED light

RED or Infra Red (IR) LED light

  • Skin rejuvenation therapy uses red LED to increase circulation

Please note that not all are equally proven methods.
Some carry more risks then others.

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Learn about SAD Light therapy From Good Books ...

to avoid disappointment

I would suggest in any case you consult your physician. But judging from the many and varied owner experiences I learned, buy and read a book also, to avoid disappointment.

That said, the following books are well-reviewed, practical and packed with useful  information.

As an example of what you will learn: some may experience a little worsening of the symptoms in the first week or so. According to the book and others experiences it can be normal and part of the treatment. It may only require a little patience on your part. Again, read reviews and choose the book relevant to your problem.

Now, the two books I listed are highly acclaimed and so they should be a great additional information resources on winter blues, also called in the literature seasonal affective disorder:

  • Winter Blues, the Revised Edition: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder. By Norman E. Rosenthal

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder For Dummies. By Laura L., PhD Smith, Charles H., PhD Elliott

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