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A combo of bright LEDs and home fiber optics might need houses with much less windows.

So much for the modern idea of bauhaus of uninterrupted views with glasses. It never really taken off with home construction, and now there is a new point to reason.

It seems true: artificial light for the moment will outsmart sunlight as it gets overbearingly bright and pervasive in the bright seasons.

QUICK TIP      If you use LED lights for home, rope light is just what would be my personal favourite for general usage at home. It is a great allrounder.

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Bathroom Accent Lighting with LED LED home accent lighting outdoors

Stairs accent lighting with LED cables

LED Rope Light types


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...your two best friends are led rope lights and led (non) bulbs

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LED Ligths for home - it will change it forever - here's HOW...

Published sometime between February to mid March 2006

LED lights will merry with fiber optics...

A combination of bright LEDs and fiber optic lighting can require houses with much less windows.
Designers, scientists and engineers the world over had to enter a very special race not encountered in the thousands years before. It is a race to outsmart sunlight. The key to win it is a thickening pulse of steady innovation. 

In a warming climate and with sick buildings coming thick and fast the new house concept will be the opposite of the glazed and transparent modern ideal.
Yet, it will be full of daylight.
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Now how could that be possible?

The walls of energy-friendly houses have a very economic ratio of glazed surfaces such as windows, winter gardens and skylights. I am not an unbiased fan of rammed earth and mud brick houses. But look at their plans. You'll see the same happening there…Scientists and engineers use the jargon: fenestration ratio. The house lighting of homes with good thermal and energy properties make do with a much lower fenestration ratio.

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Fiber optics will join your LED home lighting...
(later rather than sooner :)

On the long run fiber optic lighting cables will accompany the bright LEDs in your house. And because those cables run inside ceilings, walls and floors they will illuminate houses even without windows. On a cloudy day of course you will need something else. And that something else will be bright LED.

That's how the sister of LEDlightenment - the idea of led lights for home usage (cover the whole home in the future) radically reduces the number of unwanted windows.

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At the heart of all that development - lie innovation. It will happen. It is already happening.

And if you use
LED lights for home, rope light is just what would be my personal favourite for general usage at home. It is a great allrounder. Or just use it as Xmas light as your first step into the world of LEDs of fiber optic home lighting. And LED(non)Bulbs ...? The are just plain smart.

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Stuff that would need to come with your led home light.
For the high voltage lights you would also use a converter and possibly a dimmer, if one came with your package. (Do not use external dimmers with LED - it can permanently damage it.) For the low voltage led home lights you would use an adaptor that feeds DC power from the AC-DC main.

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