LED lamp ... ?

Yes, but instead of Lamp - imagine Modules of LED light

The mark of a great LED lamp is good modularity. Let's investigate these LED lamps. They are clever variations on the theme of light modules for convenience.

Spectacular Led lamp effect - stage lighting
modular LED lamps - the Glide LED Lamp -thumb
modular LED lamps - the Glide LED Lamp modular LED lamps - low voltage Idec LED Strobe Lamp LED stage lighting - chroma-q color web
chroma-q web lighting modules form a cube spotchroma-q web lighting modules form a pentagon
Intelligent and fun Light Modules from LED...

Again, these lamps (much like LED(non)Bulbs)
are NOT light fixtures...I'd call them
smart light modules instead.

LED Desk Lamp

modular LED lamps - the Glide LED Lamp
The modular "twis-together" LED desk lamp light modules.

New trick:
Highly configurable and can be interlocked with modular shelf units.

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LED Strobe Lamp

modular LED lamps - low voltage Idec LED Strobe Lamp

The modular LED strobe lamp is called the
SignaLight tower and is from idec.com.

Add more intelligence and connect a light tower interface unit. Here's an updated catalog.


Here you can locate your US distributor, for other distributor go to idec home page and follow the promts.


New trick: As the design suggests, highly configurable, versatile color addition.

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LED Stage Webbing Lamp

LED stage lighting - chroma-q color web

LED stage light shows a face - chroma-q color web
The modular LED web stage lighting lamp formation called chroma-q color web and color block are from aclighting.com.

Check out color web index, watch videos here:

Watch color block index, info and video here:

New trick:
the base module is highly variable and is compatible with a mother lode of elements.

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LED Auto Lamp

LED auto lamp - snap on design with heat sinkThe modular LED auto lamp is an integrated approach to automobile ligting.

New trick: Snap on plug and play - no extra wires needed. Built in heat sinks can add to the design. (I'd expect them to be magnetic one day...)
Note: No need to shop for these - YET. Will come integrated in one of your new cars. (Photo: Iosis Concept)

Similarity of LED modular lamps with LED(non)Bulbs:

  • Integrated heat sink
  • plug-and-play user friendly

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