These Desk lamps are fun to look at

LED Light modules for your desk, shelf and Reading

For practical LED desk Lamp modularity and even a degree of playfulness are signs of product maturity. Formally combining shelves with lights is quite daring but seems possible with LEDs.

It is about building a LED product in the spirit of good design rules. without the shadow of a doubt. (Especially when the light is on, but being LED, it can almost always be on.) Reading and fun shouldn't be far apart anyway.

LED desk lamp - Glide lamp over table Led desk lamp - Glide plan view with controllerLED desk Lamp light modules - Glide

This Led lamp has a playful modular design.

here is one for playfulness

When the Twis-Together light modules were first presented to the public visitors were allowed to play around and interchange elements. The consensus was that the: "The Twis-Together light was destined to become a design icon."

As you can see, there are two color themes, (somber coffee and cheerful candy) and modules are interlockable with book shelves and figurines. 

Those who come after them - let there be many - take heed. LED lamps are light modules that should allow you to play around. Just because Glide-inc interlocks them with shelves, which is a pretty neat idea, you shouldn't stop there. Use your imagination. Have folded surfaces and O-LED for instance - the sky's the limit... Official site:

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