A LED strobe can do so MUCH more...

... Than just Blink Crazy Super Fast

Bet you didn't know that LED strobe lights can be motivational as well as recreational.

And strobing light in a police holster? Well, even that can be fun so long as you don't really see this, sort of. And that's the key.

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Strobe effect
Stage strobing
LED tail strobing
Strobe warning!
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LED tail strobing

OK, things are really hotting up down strobe-land. This page is pretty popular and I am more than happy to share its fame with a new project:

Now, imagine...
what these strobes can do?

You can multiply strobe sources, change colour or change the scene. Mash the backround or the foreground etc. Strobes will always give you crystal clear lines and points.

A LED strobe light has the fastest response time after lasers. If the electronics are so designed, LED lights can strobe at a very high rate -- a strobe rate of 15 flashes per second is quite easily done.

And if you are thinking video strobing, today a rate of 1,000 to 2,000Hz is quite achievable.

german sheperd pup dressed in police in full gear

You don't really see this, only the effect of it - sort of.

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LED strobes come in portable or fixed and applied to a wide variety of practical and fun uses - from police to party, from emergency to stage lighting.

LED strobe lights are piercingly bright and can be programmed to a range of strobing patterns. Yet, thanks in large part to LEDs and the advance light engines they sit on, they are comparatively light and quite handy -- uniquely suited to be portable as they can also be run from a relatively small battery pack.

Portable strobes, then, can become ever more practical due to increased modularity thanks in large part to LEDs.

From small flashing strobes and up - any size strobing light equipped with LEDs comes with a printed circuit - really the soul of a strobe light.

led strobe light blue scannerblue led strobe light blinking - good for fishingmulticolored led strobe - good for stage spot

Apart from the more obvious, the middle one is a - believe you or not -
is a blinking LED fishing strobe of the blue variety.

This chip carries the program responsible for a variety of light patterns is called the controller. Simple LEDs have it embedded, more complicated ones have it as a separate programmable unit. This unit you can program and customize the light effects.

Portable LED Strobe Light Types

Guess, you could say that these are the two design extremes in LED portable strobe lights.
One - despite its small size has a quite neat light output. The other (the rotating one) is really smart. This hand operated party trick from flashing LED strobes uses a trick. As you know your eyes often see what your brains allow them to see. And although this message is not happening the neat trick is that you can somehow see it.

portable led strobe light for home party stage and discoLED strobe display rotates message lets partyWith the right controller you can create many different effects - from fast strobing to spot lighting. (And that's before I mentioned LEDs amazing color-changing ability!)

LED Strobe fixtures For Some Serious Uses

High intensity LED strobes

police car police car w Fun Led Light on side -- fixed strobe on topA few words about high intensity strobe lights. Traditionally they were HID (high intensity discharge) lamps. But with the advent of very bright LEDs - LED strobe light is very successfully used as fire alarm - hardly anyone misses it. And of course police and ambulance also have strobe lights as warning signs. But let's not take things that serious ...

What is a Strobe Effect, Anyway ... ?

Ok, you remember those fast flashing disco lights that made you look like a slightly challenged robot? Now that was strobe light. To learn more about the concept first you'd need to know just a bit more about what LED is.Then you will have a fair idea of what a LED strobe light is.

Remember the disco dance when suddenly everything white started to glow including your famously bright teeth? That was UV strobe. You can have a Led strobe as a rich warm spot light - bright as a day. And yes, you can also have it in pulsing ultra violet (UV.)

Stage strobing

Even though it is common practice, with strobe lights you don't really need the "smoke and mirrors" effect of fog machines. They are quite powerful as they are. And with LED strobes you WILL have viscerally powerful effects.

Tail Strobing

LED tail strobing is must unwelcome, and must be strenuously avoided.


LED strobe lights are are very powerful devices, use them with extreme care. The visual stimulation is so intense, they can spell quite a hypnotic effect. But what is much lesser known is that they can also trigger epileptic seizures.

So dont' let your buddies fool around with LED strobes if it is your party. There may be someone in your company suffering from epilepsy and intense stobing could be dangerous for them.

Luckily, most strobes can NOT be set to harmful frequencies. But you never know ...

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