LED rope lights are true allrounders

How To Look For The Longest And The Crispest Rope Light

With LED rope lights you will find that the longest is high voltage while the crispest is low voltage.

Also find more detail on rope lighting and tips where best to use them.

LED Ropes are made of tiny bright LED units encased in plastic. The result is flexible, weatherproof and sturdy. But more importantly a long awaited - almost psychedelic - relief in decoration and task lighting.

LED Rope Types

A Word About Length And Brightness

Installation Guide -- Tool, Sundries and Accessories Tips

LED Rope Light typesIf you ever used standard incandescent rope lights, you will be familiar with the kind of length you can expect.

With LEDs you will have it much longer. And because these rope lights use so little energy you shouldn't notice loss of brightness from source to end.

For the longest possible stretch use high voltage LED rope lights. Here I review 120 Volt LED ropes but these you can relate to the 240 Volt variety also. From currently available spool lengths you can build about 275m (900 feet) long rope. That is approximately 6 full spool reels connected.

Bathroom Accent Lighting with LED 12 Volt LED ropes give you the crispest possible light in the rope lighting family. They are best used for accent and indirect lighting.

And here I review general features of
all the various types of LED ropes.

LED neon rope - thumbNeon rope light IS Now LED Neon.

Mini LED ropes

LED ropes with a particular profile 3/8" (inch) - called square - are sometimes also called 'Mini.' Popular for both home decoration and commercial accenting as they give particularly crisp lights. They accentuate long straight characteristic lines.

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Installation tips and other rope lights

Installation tips apply to most rope lights.

Many of LED ropes properties are inherited from
conventional old rope lights - from before we had the bright LED:

120 Volt rope lights

12 Volt rope lights

LED dimmer problem - external dimmer or propriatory controller with your LED rope? Some of the risks.

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Introduction to Rope Lighting

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