The various types of LED replacement bulbs

Replace 100W - 60W spot, 50W bulb, 30W halogen, 20W flood

LED replacement bulbs have been available from 120 lm to 300 lm and up for some time. Replacement is possible with matching shape for 100W and 60W PAR30 spot, 50W bulb, 30W MR16 halogen, 20W MR16 flood light.

Depending on beam angle and brightness use the wider angle and brighter one (higher lumen) for ambient room lighting and the narrower angle with lesser brightness for cabinet and display light.

For LED home lighthing tips and tricks including where to put them, how to soften harsh white color follow the link.

Around 400 Lumen output, 60 Degree Angle

PAR30 12W -100W Eq- 400 lm Spot Light ReplacementThis type of LED replacement bulb has about 12 x 1W LED units. The beam has an improved 60 degree angle -- allows for better ambient illumination that your current PAR30. There is a clever way heat sinking is solved.

Replace a 100 watt PAR30 30 degree spot and get even more brightness. 

Around 300 Lumen output, 30 degree beam

LED 60W Spot Light Replacement - Warm White 7W PAR30 110VAC-220VACIn this type of 7W spot (has 7 x 1watt LEDs.)  heat sink is well integrated into the design.

It is comparable to 60 watt PAR30 30 degree spot light blasting a whopping 275 Lumen.

This type has been claimed to be the brightest 5W LED replacement globe on the market.

Uses standard screw base -- replaces 50-60W bulb. Has 5 x 1W CREE LED. Light is warm white, brightness reaches 300 Lumen. Has a normal screw base.

Tip: To check that your product has proper heat sinking - just make sure after you screw in that the bulb armature is not overheating.

Around 120 Lumen Output

30W Halogen Bulb Replacement MR16 5 Watt GU 5.3 Base

5 Watt LED Bulb. Replaces 30W MR16 two-pin halogen bulb down light.

LED Maxxima MLB-16400F -- 4 Watt LED MR16 Flood Light BulbThis light bulb is for display or show cabinet. Has one 4 watt LED. Beam 30 degree wide. Replaces standard incandescent 20W MR16 two-pin halogen flood bulb. Having no glass lid allows for ingenious heat sinking design.

Compatible with magnetic transformers ONLY! Electronic transformers will cause strobing or flickering (or no light at all.) They are set to higher minimum load then the allowable limit for the LED unit. Also, most track light (16W) are incompatible.

20 Watt Halogen Bulb Replacement - 3W CREE MR16 12v AC/DCFor display or show cabinet ...
This LED replacement bulb has 3 x 1W CREE super bright LED units. Replaces 20W MR16 two-pin halogen flood light. Good heat sinking design.

Compatible with magnetic transformers ONLY!
Most track lights are 16W, those are also incompatible!

LED replacement bulb -- LAMPS PLUS Color Changing LED Light Bulb

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