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Let's calculate the Cost to benefits of replacing a regular incandescent bulb with a LED bulb to get to the overall benefit of using just one LED bulb. I don't change the 2008 prices used for two reasons. The ratio remains very similar while LED prices keep dropping - meaning the benefit only increases.

Over the course of approximately 7 years you save about 97% on running a LED replacement bulb compared to your current regular light fixture. But how about the benefit you get from the buying price ... ?

Well, the price of a LED light bulb is somewhat high, I agree.
But when you add the price of the additional 59 regular light fixtures that you WILL also need to buy to replace a 67cent regular bulb in the same 7 year period just ONE LED light bulb will suffice - what happens then? You actually get a combined price higher then the price of that one LED bulb.

Percentage and price savings
Overall savings (2008 prices)
Break even time: 7.5 months
Future savings -- EVEN more
Other benefits
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The overall cost a LED replacement bulb drawing a total of 120 kW power for about 7 years (6.85yrs, 17.5 kW/yr, 10cents/kW) is say $12 plus the price: $35. All up $47.

Compare that to 60 bulbs using 97% more power (525.5 kW/yr) at the same cost: comes up to $360 PLUS 60 times(!) 67cents -- this for the price of the 60 bulbs used in the same period of time:

All adds up to $400.20!!! The bottom line is that you pay $47 for a LED bulb vers $360 for a regular incandescent bulb. How's that for cost benefit.

Using a regular bulb is very very expensive compared to running a LED bulb!

And the Time to Break Even?

To calculate the time in years (yrs) you will break even - time spent before you start taking profit -- the formula will look like this:

$ for time (yrs) regular bulb used = $ for time (yrs) LED bulb used

No of yrs x [ (regular bulb kW/yr x power price $/kW ) + No of regular bulb used No/yr x regular bulb price $) ] =

= No of yrs x (LED bulb kW/yr x power price $/kW ) + 1 No LED bulb price $

Using the above data that I tabulated below for easy comparison I have calcuted the actual break even time -- it is not even a year.

regular bulb (kW/yr) 525.5 kW/yr
power price ($/kW) 10cents
No of regular bulb used (No/yr) 8.76 No/yr
regular bulb price ($) 67cents
LED bulb (kW/yr) 17.5 kW/yr
LED bulb price ($) $35

In fact, it is just 7.5 months and you start pocketing the profits on your investment for up to 7 straight years -- or however long your LED unit will last!

But the current trend WILL continue and LED prices will drop. Meanwhile, power prices will rise. Why? Because increasing demand and environmental infrastructure investments will force that to happen.  So suppose LEDs drop to half the current price and power prices double. -- With a LED replacement bulb then you will break-even 5 times faster -- in less then 1.4 months (or about 5.5 weeks.) Meanwhile the difference you will have started pocketing grows even bigger: In the same approximately 7 years you will have spent $41.5 on one LED vers a whopping $760.2 for 60 regular incandescent bulbs you would have used in the same period of time!!!

There is no point in calculating this further - you win by a large margin, whichever way you cut it. And as time passes you will win much more.

Not to mention the many other features of LED you can't have with regular bulbs: -Color changing without a filter. Programmability and single point color changing. Almost NO heat at the light source itself!

The bottom line? The cost to benefits of LED replacement bulbs far outweigh the cost to benefits of a regular bulbs -- more than 8 times. And as LED prices drop and energy prices rise that ratio will increase to more than 18 times and beyond.

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