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The Recommended LED Product List shows my preferred products. Either I have personally tested them or I am sufficiently convinced that they consistently receive the best reviews from other owners. -- Or they are consistently good sellers.

Whether it is a NatureBright, LED MR16 Halogen down light replacement, Quik Brite LED light Anywhere as seen on TV! -- you find models from these popular brands that recieved feedback to perform the very best.

The versatile NatureBright light therapy portable LED product shown light box mode in a flexible position

A versatile NatureBright LED lighted light therapy model - the PER3 - shown in a light box operation mode and flexible poition.

The user does not look at the bright light directly and the light is position at eye height.

Some of the other more unique products include:

  • NatureBright PER3 dawn simulation and light box combo for SAD

  • LED MR16 replaces 30W halogen down-light. Save big on your bill. Narrow and wide angle variety available. Good heat sinking. Brand new item, selling extremely well!

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