Just How Cool a LED Party Light is?

All That parties Are for LED: - stages to shine

Cool about LED party light: - Hard to separate what is decoration, fun game or just plain goofing around. LED light as table, floor or stage light - in or outdoors - makes special a party big or small from braking the ice to making a splash statement.

Ever since I started this page, crazy things have happened on the LED party light scene. An interesting characteristic is that colorful AND smart LED light is just made for fun. And that's exactly what I like about LEDs.

led party light accessory - lighted pacifier
Pick up a dozen
for a song
Ok, Ok...Don't know what I'm talking about. Can't help, this just has to be Leddies fav here: merge the dumb and the smart to make it a party pacifier.

To get in the mood, imagine this lighting sensation throbbing from your head. Dumb is smart! Light it up - Feel the juices flowing...?

Ice breaker
Games and messages
Art and music
A Spooky story ...
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color changing LED candle

Light up the mystery...

LED party light -- color changing candle is great ice breaker A distinctive LED tea light or color changing candle makes memorable an intimate night -- perhaps even a corporate outing.

If linked with tiny voice sensors, they can be activated by the vibrating sound of your voice. Imagine if they only light up when you talk to your (prospective) partner…Your privacy could be most respected.

LED party light -- rotating LED strobe light
This party strobe is actually very engaging. How it actually works is a bit of a mystery. It is to do with your eyes inertia. See this in action.

Don't forget the LED games...

LED party light -- Meteor Storm Spiral Spinner WandCreate a dazzling multicolor swirl of light - a spectacular storm of spinning LED light. Loud muffle of jaws dropped all around -- guaranteed!

Oh..., and we didn't forget the three replaceable AA batteries - included! Meteor Storm Spiral Spinner Wand >>

fun-LED birthday party light -- Red LED Programmable Message Fan - 12 Pack

The same concept purpose designed to be a birthday party message LED light.

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Write messages in the air with party light like I-might-LOVE YOU or LET's PARTY or anyting that takes your fancy...

Color changing LED candle -- a great ice breaker

Believe or not -- even LED flashlight can be used as fun party light

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