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LEDLighting 101 - Organic LED

With Organic LED lighting and display turns flexible bright and paper-thin. Bendable OLED display and screen, lamp with ambient light, two page tome book written on e-paper, remotely refreshed dailies

Continue reading "LEDLighting 101 - Organic LED"

Commercial LED lights

Currently, this commercial LED page is branching from home LED lighting, but not for long. And what started was a request from David and his shopping center project

Continue reading "Commercial LED lights"

Add Lighting Link and Find Some Good Ones

Add lighting link - if LED related. Find other interesting and useful sites dealing with LED light and related lighting topics. Contact us if you are interested in exchanging value between our sites.

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Mini Mag Lite with LED

Mini Mag Lite vs LED. AA and AAA upgrade issues. Durability and versatility. Find important facts, products and best deals from name brand merchants

Continue reading "Mini Mag Lite with LED"

Fun LED Light - Site Map

Find it a site search on Fun Led Light.

Continue reading "Fun LED Light - Site Map"

A LED strobe can do so much more...

A LED strobe light can do much so much more than just Blink Super Fast. Bet you didn't know that LED strobe lights can be motivational as well as recreational.

Continue reading "A LED strobe can do so much more..."

Long life light bulbs vs LED

Long life light bulbs vs LED. A standard light bulb with 700 hours lasts half as long. LED light bulbs estimated to last between 50,000-100,000 hours.

Continue reading "Long life light bulbs vs LED"

Some party strobe tips and tricks stage

Some party strobe tips and tricks

Continue reading "Some party strobe tips and tricks stage"

Quik Brite LED lights. The Where-ever task lights

LED Quik Brite lights are task lights where and when you need them. They are one of the leading brands of the new BIG non-Bulb based Just-In-time-Just-Enough - JIJE - home lighting shift.

Continue reading "Quik Brite LED lights. The Where-ever task lights"

Pak Lite - Tough little cap-top LED Flashlight

A Pak Lite is a Tough little cap-top LED Flashligh. It has a winning kit and a great variety.

Continue reading "Pak Lite - Tough little cap-top LED Flashlight"

Cool LED party light needs You to Shine

Cool about LED party light: - Hard to separate what is decoration, fun game or just plain goofing around. LED light as table, floor or stage light - in or outdoors - makes special a party big or small

Continue reading "Cool LED party light needs You to Shine"

LED Dimmer -- Some Risks

LED dimmer or lamp dimmer is about risks using an external lamp dimmer with a LED - in this case LED rope - but the problem relates to other LED lights as well as using a proper LED controller.

Continue reading "LED Dimmer -- Some Risks"

Relative Light and Heat usage for the old bulb and LED

Solutions for bright light and heat emission combined are keys to proper heat management. Only good energy efficiency is a given for bright LEDs, so they in turn need added heat sinking

Continue reading "Relative Light and Heat usage for the old bulb and LED"

LED Lighting Basics ... and Then Some

LED lighting basics covers and clarifies some important problems and misconceptions about LEDs step by step. Links to background and in-depth resources and related products.

Continue reading "LED Lighting Basics ... and Then Some"

About the Halogen light bulb. Myths and facts

Halogen light bulbs: facts and the down light myth. Halogen bulbs are much less efficient than LED lights or compact fluorescent globes. Yet the down light myth is persistent. Learn real benefits, find clever add-on.

Continue reading "About the Halogen light bulb. Myths and facts"