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Start with LED house lights by putting them in places where good lighting is always a bit of a problem. Bathroom lighting would come to mind.

led bathroom lights helps beauty chores

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bathroom LED house lights

...is your bathroom lighting
up to SsCcRATCH ?)

Accent warms to cools

Where and Why to use

Accent lighting and color

Controller: program or not

Go safe, go gradual

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Where to start, how to use?

The "introductory" way to use Led house lights is to put them in places where it is hard to reach those bulbs to change them regularly.

Why...? When you end up using good quality LED lights (can't stress this enough it seems) in your home, you don't have to change them. That's it! Problem solved. 

Bathroom Accent Lighting with LEDLED Rope Light types

TIP!    Fun Led Light recommends: The most versatile type of LED light you will find for your home - for the moment at least - is
rope light. Why...? See table below...

Hard to reach places...?

These are normally the rooms with a high or cathedral ceiling or in double storey space. But sometimes had to reach is a tall Xmas tree. Consider using LEDs (LED ropes in particular) as Christmas tree decoration. Or highlight your yard with them in the silly season.

Bathroom highlights...

Typically, good daylight quality light is what needed in a bathroom. Most women don't seem to acknowldedge this. And most men...? Well, we don't seem to bother. Yet, this is the single biggest reason why you don't feel comfortable in a bathroom. Do something about it.

LEDs are bright full spectrum light (closest to daylight for a fraction of operation costs.) And rope lights are the most versatile to use.

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#1 Tip for LED house lights
For general use - Grab the most versatile

My choice here is entirely subjective though. I personally like the smart effects you can create with indirect lighting and these lights are just made for it. They are very resistant and available in low voltage, which is energy-smart. Cables actually belong to the family of rope lights.

These fixtures are high quality products. They provide beautiful indirect lighting both indoors and out. Undeniably, they add a distinctive decorative touch to any home. You can even check their effects half-way in your planning and apply them elsewhere if you cange your mind. So you make the most flexible choice for your home (and get the most value for your money :wink: ) with
LED rope / cable lights. See table below.

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Matrix of LED house Lights...

Apply led light as Apply this type of led light
led rope light led cable light led mini lights led bulbs
Indirect task light   X   X
Decorations   X X  
Accent lights X X    
Element lights   X   X
Landscape lights X     X

These great LED home lights are available to buy from most well-stocked superstores. You can find them at Home Depot and Lowe's, and many other lighting stores.

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