LED Flashlights Keep Evolving

Some Features Of These Flashers Will Surprise You

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Flashlights that keep up nicely with whatever new demands are throwing at them will definitely include Mag Lite models - some come with LED and some are convertible to LED.

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4 Practical Features of a Good LED flashlight

  1. You can dim LEDs at will to illuminate just your target area - nothing more nothing less; But
  2. Good LEDs do NOT dim on their own just because the battery begins to lose charge.
  3. The are light enough to be carried easily but also tough and sturdy enogh
  4. Bright yet glare-free so your eyes need not adjust to stark contrasts. (Tradional flashes can't do this.)

inova-x5 Led flash lightFrom the iconic Inova brand.

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pak lite with original white LED
The Pak lite is a very useful space saver.

I review this hard working cap-top LED flashlight fitted to a 9 volt battery.

eternalight-rave'n LED flashlight

Eternalight has industrial strength brightness and sturdiness. Its OEM claims it to be the brightest flashlight on the market.

Go here to find Eternalight's official site.



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interesting outdoor uses

LED flash lights can be used from headlights to ankle straps.

Or you can use LED light to great effect for adventure expeditions in dark settings such as night cashing or caving. For example, when you use LED for night caching - due to LEDs narrow beam focus - you will illuminate just your target, not the trees and shrubs.

The other great advantage is that this feature will help you find your target without disturbing wildlife. And then there is an additional benefit to the very narrow light beam: 
If you use it for night exploration you will be verly little visible from the side.

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MAGlite models upgraded or converted LED :
The push to upgrade to LED tests MAG's legendary market resilience

MAGlite conversion to LED also show why I think this Maglite is the most versatile of all MAGs

Find out how rechargeable MAG Lite compares to other LED Maglites

Some tips for upgrading original MAGs including various third party kits

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