Magical LED Christmas lights

LED Christmas lights make holidays memorable

Holiday Decoration? LED Christmas Lights ideas and practical tips. Have at it for a truly memorable and heartwarming Christmas.

Xmas secret in a box. No Peeking!
Now, this would be truly memorable: - Take your holiday lights to the next level.Try using LED Rope Lights.

For Your home office or shop

A decoration that says to your customer - hey, we care about you...If you want some Xmas decoration tip for your home office or small shop that has a homely feel to it, jump to my Christmas light tips for a little crazy, but definitely homely decoration.

Fiber optic Christmas light
(and tree)

Upside down Xmas tree tip

Showcase things and themes

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Fiberoptic LED decorated upsidedown tree LED studded fiber optic Xmas wreath xmas bubble light -- silver

For Your Xmas at Home ...

For your Home Office or Shop
For your Xmas at Home
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Christmas LED Lights
L E D Christmas lights are like sacred little diamonds. Not only they are heartwarming, they are brilliant and cool too. No - really… They are cool - cool to your touch that is, try it.

And you know what this means to you...? Yes, when you place LED Christmas lights right next to bone dry evergreen needles, there's one less
thing to worry about. (Your Xmas tree can not catch flame from heat.) And come any Holiday, worrying less about something to go wrong is a good thing.

Because LED lights are the longest known artificial lights, they come closest to a permanent decoration solution. And when you happen to use those LEDs in the form of ropes...

...they sure make even greater Christmas lights.

Rope lights on trees (and not just on Xmas trees) can also create mysterious, whimsical or spiritual outdoor creations.

Click here for tips for your Christmas yard lights

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If the idea of saving makes you tingle all over you will save. -- Let's take for instance a 70 led strong string that is borderline long (about 2 meters) to give you a neat light effect. A string of that many LED Christmas lights uses only about 4 watts - the whole shebang. Compare that to an average Christmas light creation using incandescent bulbs. They would gobble up power taking 5 watt each.

So same length - 70 or so - of such conventional bulbs would use up 350 watts in no time. Guess it's easy to see how you could save a whopping (350W-4W) 346 watts. And that translates to savings equal to 346 per 4 - your dollar savings 86.5 times.

If you want you can compare LED to other types of lights in a little more detail you could go here: at the top you will find this link "Bright led", which I bookmarked for you. Just click it to jump to tips and a handy hint - a low voltage warning about adaptors for low voltage (remember, this includes your LED Christmas lights.) Rules are same as for adaptors for the bright led you can read there.

You can get tips and ideas for so many other type of LED lights from my guide. Just look around. Always something new, you will always find here something truly unique.

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LED Christmas light - Xmas story leg lamp

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Xmas story leg lamp

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Perhaps you agree on this Christmas message:
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience,
We are spiritual beings having a human experience."


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