LED Candle - The New Old Candle Light Reborn

Make a LED candle  more meaningful with with real flame. 

led candle with real flame 
colorful led candle holder

Use a color changing base and get a magical mood light. Add a layer of mystery with a votive holder of matt or bright colors.

This can work beautifully with any one selected base color giving ever new meanings and definitions to your fleeting moods.

Personally, I like things that speak on many layers. And none more so that can do this without sounding a sound. Though I am not minimalist, I like eloquent gestureless things. That is why I am inspired by this LED product so much.

I find this "quiet" combination of lighting changes colors on many layers.

But a LED lighted candle can also burn a real flame if that's what you want! How you enjoy them or how you use them of course is entirely up to you. And that's the beauty of it. That it can be so individual.

The new-old candle light

In a LED candle as a mood light I'd look for both worlds and get a led candle or tea light that can be lit, but which is great fun even when is not. There is also a candle that you can blow off with the help of a sensor. But I don't find a candle without a real flame to meaningful.

It would be good though for outdoors, but without the air blow of course.

I found those in the picture at

LED tea light is a conversation starter ...

led candle with real flamecolor led candle - no flame
It compliments well quite any white table by really lighting up your conversation. Imagine a quietly flickering candle that doesn't burn down. Got that? Now hold that thought...! I might say that the intimate atmosphere it creates makes memorable any discussion. (No, not the thought silly, the feeling.)

A near perfect conversation starter or ice-breaker? If only there was something else to converse about but the candle.

Technically speaking ...

Technically speaking, you might want to shop for rechargeable moodlights that doesn't have awkward contact points. I review the features to look for in my review of rechargeable candles, but it also applies here.

Compliment it with a deserving holder ...

Put your color changing candle in a colorful votive holder and the mesmerizing light effects get multiplied in no time.


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