Your house lighting task - uphill battle, right? --
Not quite with LED ...

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Yes, you are quite right. Home lighting stuff is always a chore, no matter what ... But with LED it is kinda like lighting fire to a LARGE HAIRY BULB - Much easier uphill - if you know what I mean ...

Your home is your castle that includes your garden too (in case you have one of course.)

And yes there is garden light and underwater pool light. And of course there is holiday light decoration. But those are outdoor stuff. Meaning: they are only a small portion of lighting your home. How about indoors?

Confusing? Then let's use some categories first.

Types of Indoor lighting
Coming, working on it right now. Promise.


Meanwhile here's a little something:

Under the hood ...
 ... The New Home Lighting Concept

A combination of bright LEDs and fiber optic
lighting could spell the end of the modern all-window housing type.

Hairy comments from the Ze Bulb

Believe if you want in silly theories about new house lighting with LED. But if you do, start slowly at first with only a token amount.

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