Energy Saving Bulb -
LED and its Alternatives

Energy saving bulb other then LED is still your best choice for many uses. They are also more widely available. For comparison I included LED light bulbs and related stuff.

And yes, this is the page where you find help with what general questions to ask from your local retailer.

For questions relating to one type of light fixture just scroll or jump to the theme of your interest.

Now here is a list of some energy saving bulb types that
you might already have or - my guess is - thinking about choosing.

Compact fluorescent light bulb

Compare incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs

Halogen light bulbs

  • Long life light bulbs including AND

    Oh...and for good measure, let's not forget...

  • Led light bulbs

    • General questions to ask
      : size, type, output, where do I want to put / what suits me best, does it suit under water, in outdoor UV ligth.
      Click here to see how LED light bulbs compare.

      We want to be energy efficient and save on power, so -
      Always look for: possible lower voltage light and lower heat output options.

      Switches to choose: dimmability, (external or built-in like for LEDs) variability of light to suit, complexity of wiring and use itended.

      Specific questions: are listed at the type of light fixture your are interested in.


    The difference that low-voltage bulbs can make…

    They are quite inexpensive to operate. So if you use low voltage energy saving bulbs it will mean a decrease on your power bill. But there lower heat output will also reduce the need to install additional cooling components and there running costs. This allows you more flexibility to install them.


    Long life incandescent light bulbs

    None of the incandescent light bulbs is considered an energy saving bulb any more. Long life light bulbs consume slightly less energy and last roughly twice as long than your average bulb, but all the other type of light bulbs on this page are doing a better job in the energy saving department.

    Click to see how the lifetime of LED light bulbs compare.

    Incandescent lights are of narrow spectrum (usually yellow) color. Incandescent vacuum bulbs are illuminated by a tungsten filament made white-hot by electrical current. When the filament burns the light goes off without warning. (Not much fun there.)

      Guide to questions you should ask: energy rating, frosting, lifetime, size as well as size of screw in or bayonet base. (Sometimes you bring home a small bulb with a slim base only to realise that its base actually needs to be as big as the big one's - it happened to us quite a few times)

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    Long life light bulbs

    Led light bulbs are quite unlike your halogen, compact fluorescent or even incandescent light bulbs.

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    (The heating / lighting trade-off)

    Click here compare the lifetime of long life energy saving bulbs and LED.

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