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An Energy efficient light bulb at home should not be dull. Be pro-active and add some personality. -- Or just hunt for the right product hoping what you find is available.

TED light bulb shiningWherever you see this picture on a page, you'll know there is something energy saving going on. This time it is about lights that are smart enough in that department, but also uniquely cool to impress.

Lazy Is Good -- The Post Retro Way

Lazy is good -- the post-retro way
Be pro-active - MAKE it cool
Try and GET something cool
Energy efficiency vs Energy -and cost- saving
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You could go ahead and give some personality to your lamp. Just simply stick an awkward spiral compact fluorescent bulb in a normal socket hanging off the ceiling and presto - you've got the post-retro look of an energy conscious and proud trendsetter. And it would be reminiscent of the 80's authentic minimalist look where oversized incandescent bulbs WERE the statements of the day.

But you could go one step better. The key then is floral thinking. So yes, peace and love -- and the use of your right brain...

Now, why do I say that?

LED neon rope - thumbThe key in thinking how nature thinks - kind of. A flower for instance is fragile to the elements but mighty in it's attracting power. It is subtle, but the way it is built makes it powerful.

Thus the concept of lighting like a flower is born: - Take something fragile and relatively weak, like a strand of light rope and twist it pretzel-like in the shape of petals to make a flower shape. You could also use a LED neon as they are impressive too, but the minimum bending radius make it less suitable for delicate results.

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Make Or Get something Cool

Nature uses the less possible resources to pack the mightiest possible punch...

Be pro-active - MAKE it Cool

Until now you could only use rope light. You cwould shape it so that the LED units (or the bulbs in a conventional rope) faced all in one direction and presto -- multiply the brightness of your humble light source. This way you would have a light that is looking good and can even be used as spots for cabinet, special displays or fancy reading light.

And even thought that is certainly cool to look at, it is still kind of home made. However, a product that addresses that shortcoming has been starting to do the rounds recently.

Try to GET Something Cool

Cool energy efficient light combines CF bulb with a minimalist lam -- The PlumenThe concept comes from the same floral idea, but it is a mass produced quality looking minimalist lamp -- still addressing the same problem. Plumen is a concept by Hulger, the company who brought to the retro- world the indespensable telephone headset to your mobile.

They created a kind of sculpted energy efficient light bulb: - A neon light that is much too much to my liking because it is minimalist and crosses a low maintenance lamp with the simplicity of the humble bulb.

In short, it thinks outside the box but gives something tangible and practical use -- AND a cool object to look at.

Full marks for the concept, and let's hope that a speedy distributor uptake follows suit.

Official site for the floral neon pictured:

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Energy Efficient vs Energy Saving - and Cost Saving - Bulb

energy efficient floral CFlight -- flower lamp And then their is the aching question: will an energy efficient ligh bulb necessarily SAVE energy? -- Only if you use it wisely. I mean, what's the point of buying 20 compact fluorescent globes just because they energy efficient and then all of sudden have them ALL on, when really a few of them on - and only occasionally - would suffice perfectly well.

Then you could also use dimmers if you so inclined - yes, there are fluorescents working well with dimmers, and some LEDs come with internal dimmers - and satisfy your urge of having many lights on -- but at an appropriate light level. And of course you could mix looks with function. After all, when is it that you really nead splendour and illumination? Yes, when guests come over -- and you need to enliven the place a bit. So opt to have the light effect interlaced (coming on after the other, not simultaneously) - this is best when colors are different, which of course suits party atmosphere. For best results in effect, efficiency as well as cost savings, it is the best to use LEDs as they come on instantly. Whereas fluorescents are known to have a delay of at least 30 seconds. Have those LED units interlaced as individual LED bulbs placed close enough, or as a string chasing LED ropes. Or use chasing conventional ropes, only their life will be much shorter then good, quality LEDs. Still, you would save with them too.

And one more very important thing: - bear in mind please, that compact fluorescents are toxic to recycle. So unless it is officially resolved as a proper recycling system, dispose of your dead CF energy efficient light bulb as a hazardous waste.

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To get cool products think outside the box. Rules I follow


The official site for the colored mini fluorescents:

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