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Currently, this commercial LED page is branching from home LED lighting, but not for long. And what started was a request from Dave who wants to light a couple of cupolas.

Many tips are suitable only to offices or designer homes. That said, the Lumiwall could be used quite well in standard quality homes too. Ok, I've got this request from Dave:

Hello, ---- I am building a high end shopping center that has three (3) cupolas atop.  I would like to illuminate them, but due to the height and roof pitch, they will be virtually unaccessable afterwards.  That is why I would like to use LEDs to light them from within.  I have already run 120v power to them ... can you help me PLEASE?! Feel free to call me at [phone number deleted].  I can forward prints as well.  Thanks, Dave

FLL Reply:

Hi Dave,
Sounds like you are looking for a commercially sound application. Unfortunately I am not insured in the States.

That said, I am quite excited for you, I think you are making the right choice with LEDs. We just started a project for a small plaza in Vietnam where we will also plan to use wind turbines on the roof top and want it to be generally green.
Now then, consider choosing a consultant who knows his stuff. But here are few other things for thought:
If your mall is not single story, consider using a full story height light shaft to pipe natural light. In VN we will manufacture this on site. (Alternative will be fiberoptics, when it will drop in price.)

And about LED.
LED is getting brighter, cheaper and more reliable by the month. So I would separate the types to use in these categories:

LED Matrix for Commercial LED applications

LED places most bright most reliable skylight
downlights and spots Lumiled based LED; or CREE LED 60 deg spots 30 deg
accent lights, wall washers LED rope or LED wall washers on controller circuit to change colors
cupola decoration YES, because this will be hardest to access
cupola top natural light, still the best

Consultants also offering design:
Colour Kinetics (recently bought out by Philips, site appears down)

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Alternative to glazed skylight:
Lumiwall, it soaks up light during the day and realeses it at night, which I think is just brilliant.
commercial or residential skylight that soaks up power then realeses it as LED light

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Shopping Center LED lights

Here are some examples for various commercial LED use.

Backlight was on side of shopping facility:

The KÖWE shopping centre
The 15-year old KÖWE shopping centre in Regensburg, Germany was recently modernized

Tokyo bar by Dowin of

tokyo bar by dowin-china

Gareth Beavis review of shopping center and other commerical LED lights:

Robert Congel's Carousel Center Mall

green mall -- Carousel by developer Congel

Cree offices lit old -- incandescent and fluorescentCree offices lit old -- incandescent and fluorescentCree offices lit old -- incandescent and fluorescent

Cree offices (parking lots, entry bays, lobby and conference) have been refitted with LED -- the XLamp pictured. It is not used here in full range, as the model is capable to deliver both in color and the white shown.

For product selection, application and other features, click here

Dave's feedback:

Thanks for the quick response.  Here is the shopping center prints/elevation that I was inquiring about.  I am researching the leads that you have sent via your web-site page.  Thanks for all the help and feel free to call me [phone number deleted.] 
I will keep you posted as to what LEDs I have installed.  Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

FLL update:

Hey Dave,
Check out the XLamps. When I posted my mockup response I didn't name the product. Cree is a major LED player and if they fitted out their own offices with XLamp that should tell a lot about its usefulness and practicality.

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