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In your commercial Christmas light decoration a touch of crazy slash homely can be the difference between...

Commercial Xmas light tip -- LED studded front mount Commercial Xmas light tip -- Bubble light with your stuff as base
...bored OR feel-good customer. Get more tips to spruce up your Xmas lights.

Bubble light is from mychristmasitems.com, LED studded wreath from here.

Of course, your goal is to say without hype -- You CARE.

This page in a flash...

  • Pre-lits are practical. Perhaps none better than a fiber optic Christmas tree.
  • Imprint the powerful scent of a live Xmas tree or branch

Businesses (small and large) are driven by proud owners (or underpaid managers :) So for one reason or another, around Xmas time they ALL tend to come up with a great new idea to showcase decorations. Your success, once again, is about the art of understatement. But you should not go minimalist, lest your decoration looks too desperate or even boring.

And the job is to keep up with the rest is getting harder. But if you want to be interesting and tasteful…


Commercial Christmas Light List

I'd encourate you to use Christmas light effects that are not overly smart and are engaging and mesmerising. (Somehow I don’t think Xmas lights should be about rocket science. Call me old-fashioned.)

You can use any and all of these tips, the order isn't really important.

1. First, aim high - always…

Go for the top down approach >

2. Next, don't be afraid of a little crazy.
If you handle it with taste, it'll go a long way.

Display it upside down >

3. Spell: - whimsical with shimmer -- wholeness with a circle.

New at Fun-Led-LightXmas wreaths should spell whimsical and wholeness >

4. Use pre-lit magic and save - time and hassle.

Little time…? - Plug and play a pre-lit fiber optic Xmas tree >


And of course…

…Get commercial grade Christmas lights, but this is something I probably don't have to stress much.

In fact…your best choice just might be opting for LED as your commercial Christmas light. LEDs are long lasting and energy smart. I'd recommend using only good quality LED. My personal favorite Xmas decorations would have to be rope lights. Particularly where LED ropes are used for good measure.

LED commercial Christmas lights are tough, use little energy and they last long. Add to this that the heat they generate happens at the converter, not the actual units. Your tree, live branches and decoration - all that will suddenly become much less flammable.


Homely feel and commercial -- is it any good…?

Many small businesses started out somewhere home based (in a garage or shed  - or the back of a truck.) Some grow large, some stay at the manageable family size. So a little homely feel in your commercial Xmas lights could mean good business as well as a little remainder - harmless nostalgia if you will - in the Silly Season.

And if you are BIG already...

A little homely feel around christmas will go down well with any customer.
And the crazy part is just there as a bonus...



Live Xmas Tree
Imprint the real scent and protect the environment. Here's HOW...

StirCRAZY Tips...

Upside downs trees are good space savers
No fuss plug-in and all the colors to match your theme

Christmas clock countdown
Unusual but highly effective Xmas countdown clock


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