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Wreath And Holiday Decoration With LED and Fiber Optic Lights

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A LED and fiber optic Christmas wreath idea is that they have a quality to anchor the spiritual in a mystical presence ... The circle motif works on many levels often capable of evoking the actual presence of the wreath.  The divided circle of the split mount though practical should be used quite carefully.

Spell whimsical with shimmer --
color and wholeness with the
circle motif...

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It is the circle of the wreath that conveys its spirit

Idea No 1
About The Circle Of The Wreath

It is the circle of the wreath that conveys a heightened spiritual presence. (It may be the unbroken spirit for one, or the recirculation of life for other - a small-giant Xmas pinecone shows that well.) And that works many levels. Surprisingly, even - without - a real wreath present. Just try it…

Mount anything on the wall on small square backing. If you place them in a circle in a well-proportioned way, the effect is there without spending much really.

The bonus....? You can display most ANYTHING on those small square mounts. Anything really - that you want to give a special Xmas highlight to.


Things you can mount in wreath-circles...

1. Jewelry pieces for instance, lend itself well to such arrangement.
Complete xmas wreath spirit - glitter bubble lightTo complete - compliment your creation with
silver bubble lights.

2. Anything artistic or decorative can also be placed in such a way.
3. Highlight smaller accessories to larger pieces by focusing it in the segment of the circle.

TIP  Use a wreath that is lit at the tips with the ambiance of sparkling fiberoptic light.

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Idea No 2
Use Illuminating Colors

fiber optic wreath illumination - multicoloredHere is a unique Christmas wreath idea: You can have a lively color scheme with prelit fiber optic wreaths. And LEDs will add a mult-colored laser like brilliance. Look for rgb LEDs that can be programmed, or color LEDed wreath like these ones.

fiber optic wreath illumination - red huesfiber optic wreath illumination - blue and red

Side view: multi-colored
fiber optic

I've found these colored LED Christmas wreaths at

Use multi-colored front mounts to create a magical pull. Compared to the effect it is certainly inexpensive.

Split Mount and LED Wreath

split xmas wreath keeps frontal symmetry
Split mounts work by keeping the symmetry where the main entry is a double door.

I found these where the link points, but I am on a lookout for may be another place:

Get Christmas wreath ideas from more visual interpretations of the wreath  from New York City Park Annual Wreath Idea Competition here.

Compliment red hues with a decorated maple tree
Compliment the red hues with decorated fall maple tree.

But if you prefer it classic, achieve decorative color effect in splashes on a real pine-green wreath, rather than with a colored wreath.

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Working on this ...

in wreath circle spirit - Xmas countdown clockwreath idea for xmas - circle interpretations
My Xmas countdown clock was inspired
by the idea of the wreath

Get more tips here
An "analogue" Xmas countdown clock ?

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