Christmas Bubble  Light -- Info and Many Tips

One approach is about subtle Showcasing - THINGs or IMAGES. For added accent you might want to choose a fresh-looking and attractive color scheme.

Tip -- Christmas bubble light with bright color
Christmas bubble light is one fun piece of decoration. It is kinda like a mini lava lamp set in your Xmas ornament  -- very sympathetic to the use of colors - bright or muted.

For extra fun swap it for
your night light.
Tip -- Christmas bubble light color set in live Xmas tree branch
Choose bright
colors this Xmas.
Tip -- Christmas bubble light used as fun Holiday night light
Tip -- Silvery Christmas Bubble light to highlight jewelryTip -- Christmas bubble light base showcases thing or image
The base can showcase some
Silvery image is perfect to highlightfun thing or image. A basketball a figurine, whatever really...
Grab silver glittered here

Of course, Xmas is about the spirit of things, so stay subtle. And have some fun along the way...

Xmas bubble light tip #1
Use the Base - indoors tip! -

Tip -- Christmas bubble light base showcases thing or imageShowcase your stuff on the BASE of your bubble light. You can by stuff with a themed base (most good online Xmas stores will have one.) Place it at the top of your indoor tree OR better yet, set them in a live branch with real scent...

This is the best way for a subtle and smart emphasis.

  • Pre-lits are practical. Perhaps none better than a fiber optic Christmas tree.
  • Imprint the powerful scent of a live Xmas tree or branch.
  • Swap your Christmas bubble light for your night light and have some extra fun.

Tip -- Christmas bubble light color set in live Xmas tree branchXmas bubble light tip #2
With colors - go bright

New at Fun-Led-LightCompliment it with fresh color wreath

At this day and age of being too politically correct with everything (Even sacred things like Xmas!) go with bright colors. Dare being multitraditional…

Choose a light scheme that avoids looking daggy or too contrived.

When you want to highlight jewelry, (home based jewelry business is on the up…) use silver glitter bubble lights. - And who says you can't have a tree in your home office...

...Anyway, at home or for your business:
It will be the nicest understatement while putting your aim of pleasing the eye and heart subtly forward in a quiet unobtrusive manner. Remember,
the beauty of your Xmas decoration is in the eye of the beholder...


Xmas bubble light tip #3
Compliment with real scent

If you don't have enough room for a full-blown tree, just put a series of bubble lights on a well placed Christmas branch. Your best choice would probably be a branch with real scent…

Some say that the Nova Scotia balsam fir gives off memorable - probably the most pungent - scent.

Again, use the base of the bubble light to showcase your very own stuff.


Xmas bubble light tip #4
Save money - protect our future

To save money and energy, your best choice just might be using LED as your Christmas light. LEDs are long lasting and energy smart. I'd recommend using only good quality LED. My personal favorite Xmas decorations would have to be rope lights. Particularly where LED ropes are used for good measure.

LED Christmas lights are tough, use little energy and they last long. Add to this that the heat they generate happens at the converter, not the actual units. Your tree, live branches and decoration - all that will suddenly become much less flammable.


Christmas bubble lights are the kind of decoration that give folks that nice welcome feel.

New at Fun-Led-LightCompliment it with wreath lit with LED or fiber optic light.

TREE Tips...

Live Xmas Tree
Imprint the real scent and protect the environment. Here's HOW...

StirCRAZY Tips...

Xmas story leg lamp - the original
Grab a leg lamp to compliment the fun

Upside down trees are good space savers
No fuss plug-in and all the colors to match your theme

Christmas clock countdown
Unusual but highly effective Xmas countdown clock

Swap your bubbly for your night light
Have a fun Holiday night light for a change

Learn about safe brightness for your nighlight here

MoreBUBBLY Tips...

Bubble light art photography
Music for your eye


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