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Is there a more original holiday light than a Christmas Story Leg Lamp? Not overly inventive and not LED but LEG, but hey, only a Vulcan can always be logical.

christmas-story-leg-lamp -- original shapeNo doubt the real thing in fun Christmas light and straight from the horse's mouth. Without much horsing around Tis' Xmas light is the original looks just like in the movie A Christmas Story.

No fans it is not just a leg lamp. Yes fans, it is the leg lamp. A perfect fun light for the holiday. Just put it in the front room window to show that you are one those folks. What a great conversation piece!

(Oh, stop it, don't make me cry…!)


Here is the only factory outlet for the original Xmas story leg lamp I know. 

I've told that you came to the right place. Fun AND clever Christmas lights are rare but even rarer I found are really smart Christmas led lights. (Hope my site is here to help you.)

When I get tired in my incessant L E D search I look at my leg lamp and it's bound to chear me up.


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