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Christmas rope lights are special for the light they give off and the effects you can add with a controller. And with LED you can have some decent color effects.

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Christmas rope lights

Unusual Xmas rope lighting

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For Christmas ropes use low voltage (12, 24 volt) rope lights. They are incandescent lights (and plenty of them) encased in a long stretch of plastic. But that is only just the beginning.

Ropes come to life with controllers. Look up my separate section for a detailed guide on rope lighting.

Have a look in this movie at what clever effects can be achieved with just a little imagination thanks to the folks at Don't tell me this light fountain is not fun.

Such thoughtful arrangements of light and simple sounds can also carry an anusual Christmas message in your commercial setting. Look up my other commercial Cristmas light tips here.


Unusual Christmas rope lighting

Simple coil for configuration - tomato cages for support

christmas rope light for the yardThe creators of this spectacular light setting say that for the frame they used tomato cages soldered at the top. None of the lights appear to be led though, but we'll be checking with them what the future holds. The brighter the better -- right?

This clever example is from suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, city of Plymouth. A controller synchronizes the brightness and the flashes to selected tracks.

For some of the "trees" they even put some strobe lights to some good use. Now that is stage lighting territory.

And if you plan to prepare a large Christmas spectacular, video rate strobing background strobing could be quite interesting.

Learn some other interesting technical benefits about LED stage lighting here.

Go LED with your Christmas rope light

For higher light efficiency crisper lights and changing colors - go LED

It is true that you will have the same or (may be slightly higher) light output from LED ropes than from standard Xmas rope lights.

Another practical beauty of having them made from LED is in that you can use much longer stretches and still have the same brightness of light (that's output in less fancier terms.) Translate that to "fountain-speak" and you get a taller wider fountain with same level of brightness from top to bottom. Now that's clever!

Quality LED ropes also last much longer than standard ones. There is an average rating of 100,000 hours for the ones containing red and yellow LEDs, And the lifetime rating for green, blue and white LEDs is about 50,000 hours (give or take.)

And if you want to decorate trees with them, their surface heat at the LED units is very low. Much lower than standard ropes produce.

Last but not least ...

Choose a low voltage RGB LED rope and go wild with color changing. Have fun.

Christmas rope light and LED

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