Christmas Light for the Yard

Fun Christmas light for the yard, huh? Find tips information and resources for a very special light fun in the Christmas season.

time christmas light for the yard

Many little effects -
and a Grand final piece.

 This photo I find a great, well...

...inspiration. And having a picture of the grand piece you are aiming at (like wouldn’t something remotely like this be great as your Christmas light for the yard), a great image in the head always help.
(Photo: Frey Nik)

Speaking of inspiration ...

How about this movie piece. Winner of PlanetChristmas Worldwide Christmas Decorating Contest in the computerized display category (2005). In case you were wondering, (or can't see the video playing) the track is "Wizards of Winter" played by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I saw the original from which this was created. The star is there in both and the little lighted trees and all. But this is some crazy stuff.

Your creation needs list

Or if you want to go rope lighting for this Christmas look it up here >>

Tree guide

Height of tree

It grows in your yard. Well it's kind of obvious that the height of your tree is a given. But suppose you have more than one spruce in the yard outdoor. You might want to choose the one with the right height. Depending on the specie the ratio of height to base diameter varies. But it is a good guide to about double (multiply 2 max 2.5 times) the base diameter to get to the height.

The best evergreen types

Ok, some consider the only real Christmas tree befitting your yard should come from this list:Scotch Pine, White Pine (Eastern and Western), Red Pine, Blue Spruce, Engleman Spruce, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Canaan Fir, Concolor Fir, Nova Scotia Balsam Fir.
And there is even a network of real tree sites and resources that claims to be the #1 in the US.

greeter christmas light for the yardThoughtful alternative to evergreens ...

You might want to just decorate the tree, your beloved tree in the yard.

(Photo: David Meharey)
christmas rope light for the yard

So what if you don't have a tall evergreen in your yard…? No need to despair. Let's face it. What you want when the night falls is light effects. And listen to this. Amazing light effects can be achieved with decorating something else than a tree. Find out more on my Christmas rope light page here.


Calculate the linear length of your lighted tree decoration

To calculate rope length here is a table I created.
The table is based on my "Award winning" formula…

… never to run out of lights. (This one won the lemon twice.)

Use this table to calculate the approximate length you need if you decorate a Xmas tree (see suitable types on this page) as your Christmas light for the yard. (Add up lengths if you want to include more trees in your light display. Special tip: don't leave out what I call here length of everyting.)

Tree diameter at base Tree height Distance between rope coils Rope length you need
3m 9' 10'' 6m 19' 8" 0.7m 2' 4" 40.8m 133' 10"
3m 9' 10'' 6m 19' 8" 0.9m 2' 4" 32.0m 105'
1.5m 4' 11" 3m 9' 10" 1.0m 3' 3" 7.7m 25' 3"
1.5m 4' 11" 3m 9' 10" 1.5m 4' 11" 5.6m 18' 4"
0.75m 2' 6" 1.5m 4' 11" 0.5 1' 8" 3.8m 12' 6"
0.75m 2' 6" 1.5m 4' 11" 0.75 2' 6" 2.8m 9' 2"

Special extra points for those little helpers who use a ladder for a 1.5m high tree

Long enough stretches of light

Nothing could be more disconcerting (and less funny for some watching you) than labouring up high on a ladder only to find out the sad truth about the real length of your tree. Because by then it will not be measured in meters or feet any more…! Oh no. But in coils of ropes - those you'll hold in your hands, precisely.

This brings me to two other tips. Well…, three actually.


1. Choose rope
Choose rope light as your main choice for your Christmas light for the yard. It could give you the extra length your need for the same intensity of light.

2. Get a double length extension chord
A low voltage rope Xmas light comes with an adaptor and the adaptor also comes with an extension chord. Double the length for the chord you think you would need. You will always need the longer one. Together with the rope light and the extension chord they might just give you the right length you need.

3. Go LED
If you still use incandescent lights - like string or mini rope - a high new tree might test the length of your everything. Go LED and go even longer for the same brightness.


Adaptor facts
for your Christmas light for the yard creation

Here are some important adaptor facts for your Christmas light for the yard if you use low voltage light bulbs for your creation. Look for the low voltage warning under bright led bulbs or something.

Music tips

Complementing your Christmas light for the yard creation could be well chosen music. Here I will put Christmas music that I found around the net.


Controller tips

If you want comprehensive features and good in-circuit re-programmability the 8 bit Rabbit 2000 Controller Board is said to be quite good value. You will get bright blinking all right just watch out -- do not, I repeat do not blind an aircraft. (And you probably won't.)

And a final word of warning. Because your controller will run a simple program, a dedicated pared down software - a software nonetheless - you may need to reboot your whole Christmas light for the yard. (And in pitch dark!) That is unless you run a continuous power source. It's another device you might want to make sure that you have. (No, it's not a surge protector!) There could be few scenes less moving than a Christmas light crash in full view of your family. I know it happed not some...Not cool!

And finally…

Make sure you get Christmas light for the yard that is specifically marked as being suitable for outdoor use! UV protection would probably come to mind -- if I had any.


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