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Glossary -- Cursory LED Knowledge

LED at Wikipedia (Light Emitting Diode) - Wikipedia is an open source publicly edited lexicon. Considered authoritative even when it receives a lot of criticism. LED light entries here are getting constantly refined by volunteer contributors. (Try editing or just add lighting links yourself. A word of warning: just like here, your links should be highly relevant and compementary!)

For distributors and Designers

Lamina Ceramics has very efficient light engines - Atlas and Titan -  suitable from low end floods to high end reflectors and all the spots in between including traditional MR-16 designs with integrated heat sinks.
Bona-fide link.

LED Displays & Electrical Design

DH Automation - Documentation Services, Design Services, Marketing and Advertising Signs and Displays, DH Automation provides Documentation Services, Electrical and Mechanical Design Services and offers a full line of Marketing and Advertising products; LED Light Panels, LCD Display, Signs and Displays.

LED Store and Service

Led GU10 light candle bulbs spot lights mr16 - Long life high power led light bulbs, lamps. Energy saving low energy light bulbs.

Spiral energy saving lamps - low energy MR16-GU10 bulbs-LED light bulbs. Omicron offers the largest range of energy saving lamps available in Europe.
Bona-fide link.

Therapy light
Alaska Northern Lights is a family company based in light-prone Alaska but their main office is in Nevada.  It builds and provides own 10,000 lux SAD light box therapy model North Star 10,000 light, stand and parts. Provides information on symptoms and treatment by a medical doctor and some comparison metrics. Ships to 50 states in 48 hrs. Website also maintains a good resource directory on LED light therapy.

Christmas light
"Deep" LED Knowledge and Directory The Photonics Directory - Published yearly since 1954 it is the standard worldwide reference of the photonics industry. The directory offers engineers, designers and buyers quick access to information about companies and products in all segments of the industry worldwide.

To order, simply click on the link. -- Technology and product news updates.

Bona-fide links.

Odd LED Resource

COOL! Unscrewamerica - Very immersive educational site for all of us with limited attention span. comparison of sucky incandescents, toxic fluorescents and of course the bestest LED. Navigate without scrolling.

Oddball LEDs - Unusual LED source for Do-it-yourself-ers. Insightful, useful and authoritative. Information and reviews by Don Klipstein.

LEDmuseum - The sheer weight of information may overwhelm you.
Craig Johnson is a true LED-mad. Worth a visit

Home lighting

Customise your own votive and wrap a candle light around with your own well wishing or thought provoking messages at Shapeways Creator. Their creator engine is the platform for next generation co-creation. I love this idea!

Please note: is not associated with these sites and cannot be responsible for the contents you find there. We recommend them in all earnest on the basis of what we were able to find there. Regularly, I check on them just to see if the link is still relevant. But let me know if I missed something.

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