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AC-DC-Inverter -- LED power adapterAC DC inverters for LED lights also have to convert the high voltage of your main to the low operating voltage of your LED unit.

But generally speaking inverters are DC to AC not the other way around. Something like from your cigarette lighter to your laptop. However, because LEDs run from household AC need converters AS WELL AS inverters, AC to DC inverter is a generally accepted term in the fast evolving LED literature.

And because I get more request about "ACDC" Inverters, I made this page.

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Q. Inverter - Why I need it with my LED?
LEDs only light up when current flows in one direction (DC), not the other. Your home main however is an alternate current (AC) - it flows back and forth. So you need an inverter (sometimes called invertor) that filters out current in a direction your LED can't use. I don't recommend applying external or third party inverter to a good quality LED if you want it to last. And because LEDs run on low voltage, LED inverters are also power adapters (called also adaptors or converters.)

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Request from Charlie Dorner

Q. I was wondering if you sell the inverters to take from 120 volts to a >12volts>
Thank You


Hi Charlie, ----- what you are after is a power adapter or converter that also inverts from AC to to DC -- or AC DC inverter. I do not recommend third party inverters with LED if what you have is good quality and want it to last as specified. (They are calibrated for safe operating points of a LED and each brand has different one.) But if you want for diy on cheap LEDs and don't mind experimenting, here are the converters for specific items also sold separately in the Home and Garden section. Hope this answers your query.

Power adapters in the LED store (Don't forget to type "adapter" in the search box.)

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Very broad selection of generic third party step up / down voltage converters.

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