Conventional 120 Volt Rope Light
Review And Installation Tips

Old 120 volt rope light gives as long a runs as a LED rope.  Has been surpassed by 120v LED ropes not so much in length, but in even brightness over the same distance. Also called standard high voltage rope lights.

Voltages, Profiles, Types and Brightness

Where to use it, Cutting,
What else you need

Typical Specifications

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This type of rope light was first encased in plastic to be weatherproof and flexible. As before, a 'rope' will mean rope light on this page.

Called high voltage (or line voltage) also comes in a 240 volt variety just like its LED successor.

They have a square or rectangular profile and can use 2-5 wires. But 120 volt chasing ropes typically use 3 wires of rope.

For typical profile sizes look up standard profiles under "Shapes and Components" on my separate rope lights page here.

Types, Brightness
Long time in the use, two basic types have been embodied in brands.
Look for Bi-Color, or Super Brite.

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Accessories And Controller Tips (Same As For LED Ropes)


Where to use it
Usage is no different than I listed for high voltage LED ropes here. Additionally, there were very popular as garland lights to adorn windows and doors as Holiday Lights.
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Cutting and istalling will likely need a specialist. (But you can try out yourself to see how you go. It might just not be as rewarding as working with LED ropes.)

As a rule, cut a long spool to size and connect shorter spools to achieve the required length. (Usually there are scissor marks at cut units.)
To cut, utility knife will be too wobbly and won't do. Grab instead a clippers, and make clean cuts to avoid short circuiting when cutting or splicing.

To connect shorter spools choose splice connector and end cap based on wire type. Usually minimum number is packaged with product. But if you plan to connect more than two short spools get more in case some connector goes to waste.

Accessories And Controller Tips here.

Nidagroup has quite good illustrated instructions I find very useful.
Official site here.

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Typical Specification

120 Volt rope light typically have these properties

Watt per foot (W/ft): 5.5 W/ft or 8 W/ft
Spool length
Long spool: 150' (foot) or 45m
Short spool: 12-30' (foot) or 4-9m

Maximum achievable run length: 1 full long spool

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