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We give you broader insights as well as practical tips. What has changed in our second edition? As we edit out redundant stuff, we also reduce the number of categories. This is because the LED field has been widely established since we started. Today, it is nearly impossible to keep things fresh and interesting across a much broader remit. And this web is still home based so sans whizbang effects and do not want to be more than that.

LED rope dimming
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Cupola lighting posts by Dave

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led light bulbs color change color as you touch them
courtesy Philips
Cool bright LEDs take much hassle out of your super- busy an entangled life.

For starters, you will want to use LED ropes, bulbs (NOT), modular lamps and candles that change color.

But LEDs will also top up your winter energy.

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Ok, first, just take a look at some hidden problems.

dummy book fun -- LED there B light for YoyoEye
LED lights are products developing in fast to market cycles. Speed often trumps perfection. 

I wrote this overview to be kind of step-by-step starting here. As an example, you will find out that there can be unintended strobing, color problems and such. Just sample things at your leasure and come back to it later for more as you wish.
Often, You will find that with LED the mundane can be made easier and more fun:

upgrading some flashlights; or modding your ride; or 'hacking' diy gear.

I don’t really know whether you will use most of the information on our web, pick only what is relevant to you, or concentrate only on a few interesting ones. The FAQ has useful answers to many interesting questions you might have.

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Really Good LED bulbs

Must have good heat management and other Clever Features

Color changing LED bulbBright LED replacement bulbs
You hear that LED bulbs are cold lights, no heat etc. Bullocks.

This might surpise you, but LED light bulbs - even though some may look like it - are not really bulbs.

Also, they may not give off heat at the light source, but there's plenty of heat to dissipate at the base. So good heat management is very vital for them.

As you sit there and think "Hey this just might be the kind of light for me" you may find yourself relax quickly and easily on the count that I pre-researched so many things for you because it will cause you to make decisions leading to wonderful changes in your life. With LED light you will start changing your old lighting habits.

LED 60W Spot Light Replacement - Warm White 7W PAR30 110VAC-220VACBright LED replacement spots and floods with good heat economy

Why LED bulbs are not really bulbs

Listen to NPR News feature podcast on Spotlight on LED bulbs (NPR All things considered) at the articles section on LED light.

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Effect That Home Lighting Shift

LED for the Holidays
Festive Holiday light tips have many articles on LED Christmas lights.

There are so many positive experiences you can have with the brilliantly crisp crystal clear and colorful LED lighting. Party lights, and fun and wholesome home lighting. So many possibilities there are with LED!

How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
Just one... But the bulb really has to wanna change.
- David Malakoff

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Oh, We live these Testimonials - Kind Of ...

Don't you just LOVE those testimonials on sales sites flogging the latest You-Should-Get-This stuff? Why, I should have them too. In the true spirit of Fun Led Light.

So here's what satisfied visitors say. Trust me, it's true!

professor Fink fun -- Fun-Le-Light counts BEYOND two  gorilla suit fun -- Fun-Led-Light changed Lord Wader (The Dark One)   Einstein mug fun -- created with ComicStripGenerator

Oh well, you just can't please everyone.

browsers nightmare fun -- smart techno-gadget monkey

Ok, real visitors really say nice things. For example, this below and the ones on the side we really think highly of:

KUDOS: : ...took me at least an hour to make my way to you and glad i did.  i'm sure i'll be back... i think the advice on accent lighting is right on...thanks

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LED Light Guide Table Of Contents
LED Light Blog
Led Light Blog is my mini-journal. It lists detailed updates to the Web site.
LED Lighting Basics ... and Then Some
LED lighting basics covers and clarifies some important problems and misconceptions about LEDs step by step. Links to background and in-depth resources and related products.
Science Book, Video on LED light
A good science book about LED light uses accessible language - find my list of titles. Plus, some instructional or fun video clips I like
LED Home Lighting - The Shift
LED home lighting is about a shift in lighting culture. It spans from not-enough to just-enough. From everywhere to just-there and - with the help of mechanics or sensors - to just-in-time.
LED light bulbs (NOT)
Not all bright LED light bulbs are able to replace current bulbs. And just because a LED bulb is very bright it may not be super-bright. Also learn the real cost versus benefit of having them
LED flash lights with some Surpising features
LED flash lights are task lights only? Well, some ARE fun lights too. These ones keep up with the ever new demands on flashlights. Include Mag Lite models convertible to LED
A LED strobe can do so much more...
A LED strobe light can do much so much more than just Blink Super Fast. Bet you didn't know that LED strobe lights can be motivational as well as recreational.
LED rope lights are true allrounders
With LED rope lights you will find that the longest is high voltage while the crispest is low voltage. Find more detail on rope lighting and tips where to use them
The New Old LED Candle. Candle light reborn
Make a LED candle light more meaningful with real flame. Use a color changing base to get magical mood light. Add a layer of mystery with a votive holder of matt or bright colors
LED Lamp? Yes and No. Clever Light Modules
LED lamp? Yes, but also clever modules of light. One mark of great LED lamps is good modularity. Let's investigate these clever variations on the theme of light modules for convenience.
LED Christmas Lights for Memorable Holidays
Thoughtful and practical tips for LED Christmas Lights holiday decoration that is heartwarming and memorable.
Energy Saving Bulb Choices - Review
Energy saving bulb - LED and alternatives. Energy saving bulb other then LED is still best choice for many uses. They are also more widely available. For comparison I included LED light bulbs ...
Energy Efficient Lighting. Clever saving on light
With energy efficient lighting there are many important issues. Money and energy saving are the important and obvious ones. We consider other cost-benefits as well as OIL use to review choices.
FLL LED store. LED lighted products reviewed by Me and You
Our LED store products are selected based solely on owner reviews. Hope you will find the very thing you are looking for
LED FAQ - Questions and Answers about LED
I collected in this LED Faq answers to your most commonly asked questions about LED lights. Suits visitors with little or no technical knowlege or the do-it-yourselfer.
Add Lighting Link and Find Some Good Ones
Add lighting link - if LED related. Find other interesting and useful sites dealing with LED light and related lighting topics. Contact us if you are interested in exchanging value between our sites.
Fun LED Light - Site Map
Find it a site search on Fun Led Light.
About fun-led-light
Folks think that LED lights are not really affordable. So I did some calculations and found pretty much the opposite. But I like them because they are fun to have too -- in so many ways
Contribute to Led Light
Would you like to share your knowledge about led light? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

What this site is NOT:

Despite the fact that the word "fun" has in some circles got some pretty raunchy meaning to say it mildly, this site is not for adults only. And most certainly it is not a machine generated directory of spammy links that you find all too many of on the net these days.

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